Anna Pierre, candidate for mayor of North Miami, threatened with Voodoo dolls

Mayoral candidate from North Miami, Anna Pierre, is one among eight people fighting for the post. Anna Pierre is a popular figure. She is a well-known nurse and a singer. Mete Suk Sou Bonbon - her hit song of the 1990's scaled up her popularity. She asked people from 3 countries to pray for her because there is someone who is using anonymous calls from blocked numbers along with sinister sorcery to prevent her from becoming mayor. Anna Pierre said that she found needle poked small dolls and ample amount of pennies in front of her office and being a person from Haiti, she knows the meaning of those things. She indicated towards voodoo practices being used by someone to throw her out of the race. Anna said that people from U.S., Canada and Haiti are praying for her and that she is not afraid because Jesus is with her.


Anna Pierre reported to police a theft of 50 campaign signs. She reported that the campaign signs that were stolen clearly stated that she wanted corruption to end and that there is someone out there who definitely does not want that to happen. Anna said that she will not move out until the elections scheduled for 14th May are over. She also reported that whoever is doing this can use all the voodoo practices he or she wants but she will not give up and neither will she succumb to fear because she is a Christian woman with unadulterated faith in Lord Jesus.

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Subject: Anna Pierre, candidate for mayor of North Miami, threatened with Voodoo dolls edit

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