Face Eating Haitian Zombie Rudy Eugene shot and killed by police in Miami

You think you have heard them all, not quite. A Haitian man in Miami was spotted eating the face of a homeless man in Miami, on May 29, 2012. Police had to shot and kill him.


Is this the case of A Haitian Zombie?

Miami police found Rudy Eugene who is 31 years old, attacking a homeless man at the MacArthur Causeway and Biscayne Boulevard last Saturday. According to Police, when the Police officer approached Rudy Eugene, he was told to stop eating the man's face. He did not obey the officer. Instead, Rudy Eugene turned around and growled like a wild animal. Then he continued to eat the homeless man. The man was shot and killed by police near Downtown Miami on Saturday.

The victim is a 65 year old homeless man by the name of Ronald Poppo. about three third of Poppo's face was eaten when police arrived. Rudy Eugene was completely insane. he was found without any clothes, before becoming violent and attacking the homeless man.

Some people who were there described the scene as a horror case. They considers Rudy Eugene to be a Zombie, biting off pieces of the other man's face and tossing them aside. Other suspected that Rudy Eugene may have overdosed himself on drug, likely on LSD.

Rudy Eugene lives in north Miami and was previously married. According to the former wife, Rudy Eugene had a history of mental illness and was violent at time.

Here are some videos about the incident:

Face Eating Zombie Eats Man's Face Miami FULL Security Camera Macarthur Causeway Cannibal Attack

Fire rescue arrives at scene where Rudy Eugene ate the face of homeless man.

Ronald Poppo Victim of Rudy Eugene Revealed & in Critical Condition


Miami CANNIBAL'S Final 12 hours ''SHOCKING''

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Me says...

Would you have administered aid to someone that just ate someone's face off. He's shot dead. Now focus on the victim.

You're worried about a naked body. Im shocked the homeless guy survived.

Only his goat tee was left on his face. The fact that the guy is haitian is even worst.

People are taking this story and running wild with it. They had to say he was haitian and voodoo was involved.


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Rodolphe Schomberg says...

Has anybody paid any attention to the fact that police EMT made no attempt tp administer any fist aid or made no attempt to cover his naked body.
The perp's body lays naked...

Nobody made any attempt to cover it.
What ever be the reason of the aledged attack, will we ever

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