Dealing With Jerk Workmates

Jerks are common at work places. Almost every company or office you'd work in, there will be one or two who'll be very good at ruining your day. However, you shouldn't let yourself and your productivity to be affected by their rude behavior, as there are ways to deal with jerk officemates.


First thing you can do is to reflect on yourself. Try to see if you have certain behavior that illicit a rude reaction from your jerk workmate. If you can find nothing wrong in your own attitude, then it is time to confront the other party in a peaceful manner.

Tell him/her your concerns over lunch or coffee and let that person know how his/her behavior is affecting you. Keep in mind that many jerk workmates are not even aware of their negative attitude. So, pointing it out to them can help them address it.

But in the case of someone intentionally ruining your day, you may want to stand up to them while practicing self-control. Do not let them get on your nerves and avoid getting back at them because it will just create a vicious cycle of conflict and bullying.

If your conversation with that person didn't work at all, then you can raise the matter to the human resources department. Just remember to document everything that the jerk did to you so that you can report it as clearly and as accurately as possible to the HR department.

Jerk workmates don't go away easily. You will have to stand up to them and show them that they can't mess with you. This way, they will simply leave you alone.

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