Complaint to CONATEL about Adult Materials Broadcasting

Recently, the National Council of Telecommunications (CONATEL) has expressed its deep concern on the number of complaints received from the parents about telecasting some pornographic films by some of the television channels during unauthorized hours, which have harmful effects over the young minds. CONATEL wants to remind the owners and managers of these media about the existence of a Regulatory Act published in the official newspaper 'Le Moniteur, Wednesday, 7 August 2013, by the decision of the Executive Body of the National Telecommunications Council (vide Memo No: OE-CNT-DEC-20130002), which deals with penalties under such mentioned circumstances. The said Act dictates that: (a) No broadcasting station will broadcast any program between 5:30 am and 10:30 pm, the content of which is not suitable for viewers below the age of 17, who are watching not under the supervision of a parent or guardian; or (b) The content of which is totally banned for viewers below the age of 17 irrespective of the accompaniment of the parent or guardian's guidance.


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Subject: Complaint to CONATEL about Adult Materials Broadcasting edit

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