The ministerial cabinet of the government Laurent Lamothe

The new Ministerial cabined for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is out and we have the names. Many of the same individuals were kept in their positions. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe presented his general policy before the Haitian Senators and it was approved before midnight on May 8, 2012


The ministerial cabinet of the government Martelly-Lamothe is composed of 16 Ministers. Here they are:

Ronsard St-Cyr, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor

Thomas Jacques, Minister of Agriculture Natural Resources and Rural Development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs - Laurent Lamothe

Ralph Théano, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister for Relations with Parliament

Marie Carmel Rose Anne Aguste, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister for Human Right and the fight against extreme poverty

Yanick Mézil, Minister for the Status of Women and Women's Rights

Jean Mario Dupuy, Minister of Culture

Ady Jean Gardy, Minister of Communication

Réginald Paul, Minister of National Education and Vocational Training

Marie Carmel Jean Marie, Minister of Finance and Economy

Thierry Mayard-Paul, Minister of Interior and of Territorial Collectivities

Jean Renel Sanon, Minister of Justice and Public Safety

Florence Duperval Guillaume, Minister of Public Health and Population

Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, Minister of Tourism

Jacques Rousseau, Minister of Public Works, Transport, Energy and Communications

Josépha Raymond Gauthier, Minister of the Planning and External Cooperation

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Renald Delices says...

Mr Prime minister, Laurent lamothe we the population of Grand-Bassin haiti Nord-East, Mr Preval Lie to us. We listen every Deputy and also the senat, who never said any word about Grand-Bassin, they steal the deputy election from the population, now we have no body, who can speak for the la population of Grand-Bassin.

We need your help.
All the promise they offer Grand-Bassin, nothing happen, lie. The district of Grand-Bassin, secondary school, electricity, drain.

I Thing today, with the new change.

We need your help for

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Andr E E Lipha Pierre says...

Mwen kite Aiti depi 1983 e mwen retounen you sèl fwa. Mwen pa konnen youn sèl nan moun sa yo. Si yo serye e konpetan, nou pa gen pwoblèn ak yo. Nou bezwen mete peyi a sou wout develòpman pou nou rive soti nan ma labou nou ye a, Ki bon Ayisyen ki pa renmen Ayiti?

Mwen swete ke minis edicasyon an mete kanson li nan tay li pou li ofri peyi a you edikasyon de kalite kote bon sèvo kap sèvi lòt peyi ka retounen vin mete yo san sèvis peyi

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Subject: The ministerial cabinet of the government Laurent Lamothe edit

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