Many roads in haiti have been paved but are not regularly repaired. Most of the roads in Haiti transportation is hampered by rough roads that may become impassable in inclement weather. Most people in Haiti travel on foot, by bicycle or by public bus known as a tap-tap

The main cause of car accident, not what you think

Education and training in the principles of safe driving and in good driving attitudes have tremendously reduced the number of Automobile accident on the road; however the number of people being killed on the road is unacceptable.

Although many people die as a consequence of inexperience, speeding drunk driving, they are not the main reasons.

Others might think that the main reason for car accidents is likely to be one of the following. However I am inviting you not to come to a conclusion until you read the entire article:

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Completion of Cap-Haitian Airport expansion demanded

The people of the city of Cap-Haitian come to realize that one of the few things that works well with the Haitian government is public pressure. In these lights, they recently took to the streets of the second city of the country to demand that the government complete the expansion work on the Cap-Haitian Airport

"Se Pot ki fè bri Ki beswen gresse"

Headed by the coordinator of the federation of "comités quartiers" of cap-Haitian,(Fekokap) organized a successful march in the streets of Cap-Haitian, starting at place de Carénage to end in front of the office of Department "Delegue".

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Martelly Government Cuts a Deal for 100 New Tourist Taxis

The Martelly government, with assistance from financial stakeholders, inaugurated the Association of Tourist Taxi Drivers Support Program (ATTDSP) in December. The idea of ATTDSP is to improve taxi service at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport (TLIA). More efficient service is particularly important to the transport of foreign visitors from TLIA to luxury hotels nearby.

The funding of $2 million provided by Haiti's Central Bank (CB), National Bank of Credit (NBC), and Banque Populaire Haitienne (BPH) will allow purchase of 100 taxi vehicles, to be repaid by drivers belonging to the Drivers Guide Association of Haiti (DGAH) and the Independent Drivers for Development Association (IDDA).

At the launch ceremony, President Martelly was joined by CB Governor, Charles Castel, representatives of tourist and tourist taxi drivers associations, and Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Villedrouin. Martelly expressed his gratitude to CB, NBC, and BPH for their participation in the program to increase tourism on the island, essential to growing Haiti's economy. Castel praised Martelly for adopting policies that will strengthen the tourism sector, and recommitted CB to persevere in opening up availability of credit for Haitian tourism workers.

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Plane made Emergency landing in Banana Field near Cabaret

An airplane from Broward County went down Wednesday night just outside of Cabaret, Haiti. The plane made an emergency landing in a field of bananas in Haiti.

According to Haitian authority, it was a small, private plane piloted by American pilot Practor Antoine. The pilot received some injuries and was treated in a Hospital in Port-au-Prince.

Only one passenger of the airplane named John Michael was mentioned. He received no injuries.

The emergency landing was due to mechanical problems

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Route du Canape Vert becomes "Avenue Nelson Mandela"

It's a brand new beginning for the once splendid, upper-middle class area of Canapé Vert, and, with its new outlook to the future, there is a sentimental nod to the past as the Route du Canapé Vert is renamed, 'Avenue Nelson Mandela'.

The decision was given by presidential decree to honor the legacy of the beloved man who fought, throughout his long and illustrious career, for the liberation of blacks and the end of the apartheid scourge throughout the South African nation. The planned street signs and plaques, declaring the route's changed name, will also remind those in the future of the special impact of the man, securing his presence in Haitian posterity.

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Haitian woman killed while running to catch bus for work

This story is sad; however it can be used to remind our family member, friends and other Haitians to be careful out there. Liked many other Haitians who wake-up early, run out to catch the bus so they can get to work on time, the 41 year old Marise Clerveau was struck and killed by a car as she was running to catch a bus to get to work on time yesterday. She was on her way to work as a home attendant in a home to care for elderly patients.

Marise Clerveau was running to catch a bus because she did not want to be late for work

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Haiti has worst transport infrastructure in the Caribbean

With data gathered from the Central Intelligence Agency, the World Economic Forum and the World Bank, an online Latin American business publication, Latinvex, has published the latest, and perhaps most comprehensive, ranking for the Latin American Transport Infrastructure.

19 countries in the hemisphere, including the two which share the island of Hispaniola, have been evaluated for their efficiency in 17 fields, to assess the ease of movement and ease of conducting business in all areas of transportation.

These 17 factors contribute to the overall quality of the transportation system in each country and include; air, railway and traditional road transportation, required documents for the importation and exportation of containers, cost and time, the simplicity with which affordable shipments can be arranged, an effective experience with border clearance and customs, port quality, high-caliber practices for tracing and tracking consignments, excellent logistics services, reliable schedules for delivery to consignees and a high percentage of paved roads, airport and runways alike.

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Transforming Route Nationale #1, Port-au-Prince To Cap-Haitian, into Highway

What would you say if I tell you there is a plan to make "Route Nationale #1" safer, more efficient and overall better. While we are fighting among ourselves, the multi-year plan to make Haiti an emerging country is moving ahead.

In the objective to improve economic development in Haiti, an investment of $50 million is being made by the Inter-American Development Bank to improve road transportation between Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien which are the biggest cities in Haiti.

By the time this project is over, the road from Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitian will be equipped with guardrails, speed bumps and road signs. The road will also have widening shoulders.

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Haiti ranked Dead last in port facilities, airport, road and infrastructure

I don't think this information surprises too many and I can guarantee you that our responsible Haitian government will not lose sleep over such revelation.

The Haitian population does not ask much from their government.

Come to think of it, the Haitian population does not expect anything from their government that they are paying.

In the latest ranking conducted by Latinvex, an online publication specializing in business in Latin America and the Caribbean, Haiti found itself in the last position in the areas of port facilities, airports, roads and infrastructure.

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Amerijet International a Customer-Friendly Airline

Amerijet International, established in 1974, began service with one piece of leased aircraft, carrying both freight and passengers from the U.S. to the Bahamas. CEO and Chairman, David Bassett, founded the airline with a co-partner. Bassett and his partner decided in 1976 to make Amerijet a cargo-ship carrier only. By 1978, Amerijet International bid for contracts that were then being given to Purolator, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Airborne Express, and won them all.

By 1982 Amerijet, suffering financial difficulties, dissolved the partnership with a buyout by Bassett. Bassett re-launched the airline under the name Amerijet International, and ran the newly-formed company under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the next four months. A financial turnaround happened quickly, due to a merger with HIG Capital, who bought 66% of shares, leaving Bassett with 34% of the company. Since then the company has extended its fleet to nine airships, flying to 52 destinations, with 577 employee personnel. Its freight transportation division carries cargo to 550-plus destinations globally.

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