Shattered Bus Windshield in Arcahaie as Protesters Rejected Decree

The situation in Arcahaie is never calm from the first day of last month, i.e., September, 2015. People are showing their mark of displeasure by a series of activities like road blocks, burning and shattering three passenger buses, and a dozen of motorcycles were set on fire at Arcahaie & Fonds des Blancs during a demonstration of protest held on the National Road No: 1. People cannot travel north to south or vice versa; even the people from the east cannot travel back from Port-au-Prince. A pastor in the city had complained to the Radio Vision 2000 that as a mark of civil disobedience, several coffins were dug up; the stench from the decomposed bodies made the situation unbearable for the local residents. Several casualties have already been reported in recent days, especially, from the forceful intervention of the police.


The protest is the result of a unilateral decision taken by the President Martelly which made "Les Arcadins" a separate commune and had connected it to the Artibonite Department. The protesters have rejected this decree because they consider the decree is unconstitutional, taken beyond the scope of the President's capacity; it is ultra vires because it violates the January 11, 2015 agreement that gave him certain restricted power to continue and operate without a Parliament. The new commune would take out a section of coastline from the city where the President had built a mansion for himself and few more homes for his friends. During the last week of September, the National Palace had announced that the Head of the State would begin a conversation with the representatives of Arcahaie to resolve the crisis, but the leaders of the movements who spoke with a reporter of the Sentinel, have said they do not recognize the names of the individuals who claim to be their representatives for the dialogue. Furthermore, they have said, there would be no-talk; movements will be continued until President Martelly nullifies his unconstitutional decree. Arcahaie is a historic city where the Haitian national bicolor national flag was born between the end of February and the beginning of March 1803.

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Subject: Shattered Bus Windshield in Arcahaie as Protesters Rejected Decree edit

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