RE: The Real Reason Why Jean-Bertrand Aristide Was Not Supposed To Be In...

Ninette - April 9 2011, 1:06 PM

Can you leave the former presidents alone?

They don't have a good record.

they were a whole bunch of do nothing presidents.

Let us start fresh with the new President, new ideas so people from Haiti can succeed.

Leave the past alone! Let us leave in the present.

Use your brain with new ideas.

I know you can do it.You are very ingenious and intelligent people, Start writting some new programs for the less fortunate, bring some new ideas in order to help the country.

Use your brain.Move on! Good luck! brothers and sisters, Good luck! Haiti.

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I strongly believe that both Aristide, and Preval...

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The real reason why Jean-Bertrand Aristide was not supposed to be in Haiti before the election

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