RE: A Review Of The 2010 Haiti Election Day In Video

Pierre Cesar - November 29 2010, 12:51 PM

Haiti will survive with or without sweet Micky, Wyclef Jean, Mrs. Manigat and others.

No one can please all the candidates because any of them wants to lose the election.

Haiti is the poorest country in the continent however you have 19 candidates want to be President of Haiti without a clear view how government works.

Big disappointment with Baker because I believe he has good intention but no none trust him. Mrs. Manigat, Crying Baby, just like her husband doesn't relate to the Haitian mass but the ones who can only speak French.

Those are the ones who refused to stay online to go to the poll and votes for her. Unless she changed her political views about the Haitian people not the elite haitan people only then she will lead Haiti in the future.

My suggestion for Mr. Baker is to start working now and try to relate with the Haitian people eventually in 2016 he will see the results and break the association with Idiot Sweet Micky and High School dropout Wyclef Jean. These two have no political views whatsoever and none of them has a valuable and credible degree to show the Haitian people that they are capable of leading them.

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