Re: Deputy Arnel Bélizaire Jailed, No Immunity Lifted

Djojo - October 28 2011, 11:32 AM

President Martelly must go!
The deputy should not be jailed without lifting his immunity.

The parliament should take its responsibilities to prevent a dictatorship from being installed in the country.

Martelly is on his way to become a second Duvalier for the Haitian people.

The Justice and the Foreign Affair secrataries should be fired because they should ask the government commissioner to stop the arrest.

The time has come for the Haitian people to see if they are well represented in the parliament.

Don't be affraid guys, the International Community will be on your sides for any constitutional action that you may take to stop President Martelly from being an evil for the Haitian people.

After all of those that we have endured with Duvalier father and son, we cannot afford having them come back on another form anymore.

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