RE: The Haitian Military Is Back As Forces Arme D'Haiti Occupied Camp...

H. Steinberg - February 9 2012, 7:17 AM

That has been the problem of Haiti.

The contry suffers from been overloved.

Haiti is so loved and so protected by his citizens that even when the country is dying, no one can see it. It is just like when you have a child you love very much, you become incapable of seing the truth.

You always think that your child is the best in everything, although everyone eles is laughting about that child.

Haitian are unable to accept criticism.

They are always talking about pride, Soverenty, independence.

However, because of the way they have been managing their beloved country, they have none of that.

And the worst thing, no one can tell tell them becaouse they would not believe it.

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