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Jackson Jeanvier - February 15 2012, 6:07 AM

Moise jean Charles is an example of those dark forces in Haiti who has prevented the country from moving forward.

Senator Moise Jean Charles is the tipical "Crab" among us. He will not let anyone succeed becaouse the moment you are going up, he will put all his effort in pulling you back down

We President Michel Martelly, we have an opportunity to change things and we should not let someone like Moise Jean Charles to stop the progress.

Are the people who have been living under the tent since January 2000 interested in the nationality of President Michel Martelly?

If you have wife, three children who can not eat, go to school or see the doctor because you can not afford it, would you be more interested in the nationality of president Michel Martelly?

Senator Moise Jean Charles has a to to prevent the prevent the Haitian people from going ahead?

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