Haitian politicians need to be reeducated to work as a team

Franklin Metayer - December 4 2013, 9:36 PM

I dont believe that our country Haiti will ever progress as long our Haitian brothers refuse to work as a team. Theey claimed that they believe in the Motto"L'union fait la Force".

After seeing all these disparities, the discord in their government, I doubt that even know the meaning of these terms.

If they want the country to progress they need to be reeducated and learn how to become better leaders for Haiti.

Their stupidity and arrogance are degrading the reputation of our Haiti.

I see that Martelly is doing a good job to built a better Haiti when I visited Haiti 2 months ago. I saw progress that I have never seen in years from 1990 up until he took ever the new presidency.

I advised those politicians to stop fighting, but to collaborate with President Martelly in order to bring Haiti forward.

Haiti is our country whether you live abroad or in Haiti, we are still Haitians.

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That's just ashamed. I don't care what people said...

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