RE: Eske Jean Bertrand Aristide te kapab yon Nelson Mandela?

Josephine Napoleon-louiss - December 10 2013, 2:24 AM

Aristide had the perfect opportunity to become a Nelson Mandela.

Te people trusted him and he had plenty of power behind him to succeed.

However, he failed miserably an I'm very disappointed with him. Aristide became arrogant, angry, and no sense of direction.

What a pity for him as well as for my country.

Aristide as set the Island back by 30 years.

Our present president is working hard and I support him 100%.

Martelly's job is very difficult and I pray for him an his family daily because I love my Haiti.

Aristide have nothing to offer Haiti now because of his bitterness or is it because of his stupidity or both.

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Eske Jean Bertrand Aristide te kapab yon Nelson Mandela?

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