105 out of 192 Political parties approved by CEP

Jean Francois - March 26 2015, 8:07 AM

I hear lots of candidates will be running in the next election in Haiti.

Have you ever wondered how will they be able to do that?

In the United States where I live, I know for a fact it cost lots of money.

In addition, there are dirty money involved in this society that is so strict.

This is just to go from region to regions and give speeches.

This does not take into account the hiring of gangs to intimidate the opponent or actually paying people to vote for you.

In the case of Haiti, I was told by a friend of mine who is interested to run for a Senate seat, that it would cost at least $300,000 US. My question is that. where will those Haitian candidates find this kind of money to run.

I see the potential for the use of Drug and kidnapping money

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105 out of 192 Political parties approved by CEP

Here you have it folks. The political landscape in Haiti has gotten less crowded since yesterday. After more than 24 yours over the time scheduled...

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