Re: Sarah Palin Buying Condo In Miami's Little Haiti

Patchuko D. Orlando 100 Bazz-la 4-ever - March 5 2011, 3:47 AM

i don't want to be one of the people that feel like if sara palin visit haiti it's such a great thing that we're making comments to praise her for the visit.

it's about time for us haitians to try to pull our heads out of certain people's annals.

we are so blind that we make comments that i think even the persons who wrote them cannot even read. if there's something constructive to say, have someone who can actually write and understand what it is you want to say write it.and also did sara palin just woke-up and found out there's something called haitian?

it is an insult to the highest degree that the website "thespoof" has thrown to our face.

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Sarah Palin buying condo in Miami's Little Haiti

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