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Gilberte - March 17 2011, 11:04 AM

You know what i find to be srtrange, Ginie, this priest has never told the people to stop doing crimes, rapes and kidnapping.

Never! I question his heart, and by the look of his wife i can tell that she is terrified of him. She looks sad, and that says a lot about who he. You know a man by the way the energy his wife gives when she is with him.
We need eveybody back in Haiti, Jean Claude, Jean Bertrand, Cedras, Nanmphy, Avril.

Manigat came back so should they. Haiti is for all of us.
Michel's Administration should include of of them.

Michel should introduce a new Haiti to the world with new ideas that involves all these personalities.

En avant!

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I would like to know the reason why he wants to come...

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mwen pa we sa lap vin fenon, dezod comme d'habitude...

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