All Haitian Passengers are to be screened for cholera

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Toto says...

This is we brought on ourselves. Haitian leaders have not been good leaders. They are only interested in making money. This is why a country like Jamaica can be taking... more »

Jean says...

i just think the world is just try to cover all they shit by making a big deal about haiti when ever they have a chance....cholera is beein around for a long time as far as healh... more »

Sylvio C. says...

U.N. brought cholera to Haiti. The world does not look favorably to Haitians. Because of years of instability and political chaos, the international community invaded the country... more »

Delroy P. says...

I think that Jamaica did a good thing to protect their people by making sure that Haitians who are traveling to Jamaica be screened for cholera before they enter. This is the... more »

Alerte Jean Mackendy says...

Dont forget People our Black story, and Jamaica was never being a friend of freedom till now as we can refere our self back to the story that Simon Bolivar was looking for help... more »

Jean Valerus says...

I think EVERYONE arriving from Haiti should be screened not just Haitians. Then it would be fair. And this should include the airline staff, pilots, etc... more »

Clara says...

Go head Jamaica,do your thing. But remember your life depend on tourists and now is the season. When you do get "CHOLERA", please remember to exclude Haiti from your list... more »

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