RE: Canadian Government Faired Jean-Bertrand Aristide Return After...

Peter Thillen - April 2 2011, 11:11 PM

While I do deny that there is still racism in the world, we American white people think that Charlie Sheen is a monkey, acts like one, talks like one, and has the brain of a rather small monkey.

I have a Haitian wife, two of my three children are pure Haitian, and they are all in an American school.

I am very sensitive to any racist situation with my children, and I have seen none. The world is changing slowly, my friend, but it is changing.

One [small] world, one people.

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My friends. I have been watching how some people...

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Canadian government faired Jean-Bertrand Aristide return after Earthquake

In a document released recently by The Canadian Press news agency, it was announced that The Canadian government had great concerns that the Haitian...

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