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Michel Martelly's approval rating at 80.5%, according to Poll

I don't see any reason to anticipate any kind of disagreement when someone got something that he's all jealousy among these« VALPAS. » more »

Re: Michel Martelly Meets Jean Bertrand Aristide

Though I am very late to send a comment on this,let me tell you that haiti is on the real rail of reconsiliation.But you personnally are you ready for that? Michel Martelly is... more »

RE: People In Cap-Haitian Threw Stones And Bottles At Michel Martelly

I strongly believe what happened in Cape-Hatian is a problem of education,that"s why,first of all,the just elected president Martely wants free education for all haitians.I... more »

RE: Dominicans Want All Haitians Out Of The Country, Fearing Cholera...

It is understood that Where there is true cilization, hatians are very welcome and treated as human being.Otherwise,it is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire and... more »

RE: Dominicans Want All Haitians Out Of The Country, Fearing Cholera...

I strongly agree with u Brother. To stop this people with their discrimination and their acts of assassination against hatian we definitely should stop trading with them,and get... more »

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