Jean-Claude Duvalier

Here is a picture of former president for life in Haiti Jean-Claude Duvalier. This is a young man who took the control of an entire nation

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Jean Claude Duvalier died as he was visiting retired Col. Joseph Baguidy

We have some more information on the death of Haiti former Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier. We learned that he was paying a visit to a close friend...

Fritzto Canton, Jean-Claude Duvalier' lawyer, head of CEP

The short passage of Emmanuel Menard as head of the CEP will be marked by the person selected to replace him. Attorney Fritzto Canton, lawyer of...

Luckner Cambronne, high-ranking figure in Francois Duvalier's regime

One among those powerful individuals during Francois Duvalier's regime as the President of Haiti was Luckner Cambronne. Nicknamed as the "Vampire of...

Clement Barbot and Tontons Macoutes ("Bogeymen")

Dressed in a black suit and sporting dark sunglasses, Clement Barbot instigated fear wherever he went. Not with just his presence, the mere sound of...

Francois-Nicolas Duvalier to rehabilitate Family image

Francois-Nicolas Duvalier, son of Jean Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier and grandson of François "Papa Doc" Duvalier, published an editorial in Le...

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