Haitian Government committed to end subsidies on all Petroleum Products

You might think that the decision of the Haitian government to increase the prices for distributors and consumers of petroleum products today is the end of the story. Not at all. Beginning 2015, these prices will go even higher. Gasoline price is expected to increase to 228 gourdes by January and 243 gourdes by September 2015.


Reducing or eliminating fuel subsidies is a politically sensitive issue in Haiti, a country where the majority of the population lives below the poverty line

These increases will immediately be felt, affecting products of basic necessity such as food, transportation just to name a few. However, economists agree that phasing out the subsidies in Haiti is necessary if the government wants to continue with much needed infrastructure projects and other social programs.

Haiti currently sells its gasoline cheaper than any other country in the region. For the fiscal year 2012-2013, the Government spent around 6.9 billion gourdes in petroleum subsidies to maintain economic stability.

Note that in Haiti, a gallon of gasoline is 20% cheaper than in the Dominican Republic. It has been reported that some Dominican drivers take advantage of our subsidized fuel by crossing the border on a regular basis to fill their gas tank.

Parol Pale, Parol Kompran

Se ki kote ou kampe? Eske ou dakor pou gouvenman-an kontinye peye pou gas oubyen dakor avek gouvenman sa ki decide pou li fini ak tout ed li te konn bay pou ede pri gas la rete stab?

Nou konnin ke minm Dominikin profite de sitiasyon sa?, kote kek moun laba vini fè gas isit paske gas nou-an mwin chè.

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