Lake Azeui Is Likely To Attract More and More Investors

While Haiti is trying hard to promote the tourism industry, a lot has to be done in order to make this goal successful. According to Dr Jean Orelien, a Haiti-American native, there is a lot of potential for investment in Haiti if only a good business environment will be created. He is one of the investors who are keen on investing in the tourism industry.


Jean Orelien is the chief executive officer at a healthcare firm at Scimetrica. He is hopeful that the economy of Haiti will be growing fast if the recent trend will be maintained. He said that with an economic growth of 8%, the country will be moving towards double in the next three years. The club has already started a security project plus there is more architectural work going on in this region. The aim of the project is to have as many people as possible applying for shares to the club in the US.

At Lake Azeui, Dr Jean Orelien has great plans of setting up a tourist resort that will be of much benefit in the tourism industry. The lake has a good coastline, and so far a new Club Azura has been started. Dr. Orelien cited that there is more lucrative opportunity at this lake for business and there is some architectural work going on to expand business activities along the lake. He has already started a transport company in that region so as to attract many people into this region.

Speaking to the press, Dr. Orelien said that the government has the challenge of passing some laws which will suit the ownership of property in Haiti. He said that there should be laws governing right to private ownership of property in order to help investors gain more confidence while conducting business in Haiti. He said that this would encourage even those people in Diaspora to come back and promote the economy of the country. He also added that the judiciary should try to help people in promoting and respecting the human rights

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