Pic Macaya's Potential for Eco-Tourism

Haiti seduces all visitors to the island with her tropical and cultural splendor. Her history is steeped in royal rulers, an intoxicating racial heritage, vibrant, indigenous art, and the compelling rituals of Voodoo-ism.


Since the 2010 earthquake ruined the country's infrastructure, one of the strategies to rejuvenate it has been eco-tourism. The global green movement has been encouraging conservationists to invest in natural resources to keep eco-systems healthy and thriving. And also to attract revenues which contribute to economic growth.

Haiti's neighbor, the Dominican Republic (DR), has become enriched on revenues coming from eco-tourism. Haiti's wealth of untapped natural resources is a prime candidate for eco-tourism development also. Sharing the island of Hispaniola's abundant eco-systems with the DR, it is only a matter of targeting which resources have potential for significant revenue-growth to attract private investment.

A natural resource being developed in the southwest region of Haiti is Pic Macaya National Park, a bio-diversity treasure. Pic Macaya is Haiti's second-tallest mountain. It is made up of awe-inspiring limestone architecture, rich populations of indigenous plant life, high- and low-tree forests, and wetlands. But Pic Macaya is at risk of suffering environmental degradation that has been occurring in other parts of the island's eco-system.

Haiti's eco-system suffers primarily from nearly-obliterated forests, which once suffused the whole island. Estimates indicate 1.5% of forestland is all that remains. The Haiti government and International Community are continuing to research Pic Macaya Park in an effort to nurture and stimulate the great bio-diversity that exists there for eco-tourism development.

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