The Establishment of ECCO2 Haiti Civil Society Organization

The Haitian Ministry of Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Rural Development has publicized its endorsement and support to the Haitian Agency for Social, Educational and Environmental Development (AHDSEE). The AHDSEE is an NGO member of "ECCO2 Global Partners" which has program to arrange financial aid in Haiti for promoting development in education, trade, opportunities and environment. ECCO2 encourages every business owner and entrepreneur to participate in clean tech companies that have substantial growth opportunities. They have recently announced their programs on energy efficient clean-technology solutions with thousands of career opportunities in Haiti.


Initially in 2012, the Haitian Senate Commission of Foreign Affairs approved the MOU on climate change and environment study between ECCO2 and World Council of Diplomatic Congress of Chaplains for Universal Peace Human Legal and Rights (CMOCDAPUNDHJ), an international organization and partners to the United Nations. However, the project had a slow start. One year later, the MOU was further amended and approved by the Ministry of Planification and was finally signed by the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and AHDSEE.

President Martelly has urged everyone to encourage building a new cleaner Haiti that will bring many positive aspects towards economic recovery. Some of the social activists have thrown their support to Michel Martelly in the coming presidential election because of his robust leadership and firmness in pushing positive agendas for Haiti. Haiti, a member of the Kyoto Protocol since 2005, has an estimated carbon emission footprint of 10 million metric tons per year. ECCO2 has a set target to reduce this emission by 80 million metric tons over the next ten years.

This emission reduction will earn Certified Emission Reduction Credits (CERs) representing a current worth about USD1.5 billion which will be sold among the investment banks and trading firms to finance ECCO2 Haiti Foundation programs on economic development in Haiti.

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