Joseph Hébert Lucien Abandoned post with CEP Materials

The after election casualties in Haiti is in its course now that the election day is over. The first victim is Joseph Hébert Lucien who has been accused by the CEP for abandoning his post in the CEP with some sensitive CEP materials. Namely, The president of the CEP, Pierre-Louis Opont, said that Joseph Hébert Lucien took with him a stock of "Mendates" which was supposed to be used for the election.


On the other hand, Joseph Hébert Lucien rejected the CEP accusation, stating that he gave his resignation last Saturday due to several threats received by some political parties. He was shocked to see the behavior of the President of the CEP who decide to use him as scape goat for the problem in organizing the election.

We also head from the accused that the problem a certain number of the "Mendates" or print papers that was supposed to be available for the election. The CEP was expected to print a total of 800,000 avccording to Joseph; however, just few days before the election, they realized that they only had about 400,000 on hand. Opont realized that it was impossible to print the remaining on time for the election and consequently has decided to put the blame on him.

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Subject: Joseph Hebert Lucien Abandoned post with CEP Materials edit

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