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Vice-Consul of Haiti Judnie Galdine Souffrant has major ego problem

I own the road, I am above all law and if you don't think so here is proof. To show his point Haitian vice-consul Judnie Galdine Souffrant has decided to block the Haiti-Dominican border with her vehicle, causing traffic problem between Haiti and the Dominican Republic for several hours yesterday.

Madanm lan di: "Ti Mari pap Monte, Ti Mari Pap Desan"

Why all these?

There must be a very good reason for that? Probably another attempt by the Dominicans to humiliate Haitians and to make a stand and to defend our pride, Vice-Consul of Haiti Judnie Galdine Souffrant probably to do something about that.

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Chelsea Clinton told Haitian Women to Be More Independent

On July 28, 2015, as part of a two day solo trip to Haiti, Chelsea Clinton visited Port-au-Prince with a group of investors and philanthropists to oversee the projects financed by the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation was founded by Bill Clinton after leaving the White House. Former President Bill Clinton has made nearly 36 trips to Haiti, for a total of 56 days since 2009.

As per foundation's statement, they have raised over $30 million since the devastating 2010 earthquake. However, such fund raisings became a subject of intense scrutiny since Hillary Rodham decided to run for the White House. During her trip, Chelsea met local farmers, artisans, hospital patients to gain a deeper understanding so that the foundation's initiatives can serve the intended beneficiaries in a better way. The mission of Chelsea's trip was to bring awareness on the effects of climate change, women's empowerment through education, developing and implementation of different health programs and economic growth. While overseeing projects financed by Clinton Foundation, she has encouraged women to educate themselves and learn how to become more independent. Chelsea Clinton also hosted a meeting with the foundation President Donna Shalala to talk about the role of Haitian women and their access to the market. After the meeting Shalala has said, Chelsea was impressed not just with the foundation's work, but with efforts by Haitian women to take control of their lives.

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Chelsea Clinton emailed Dad, Mom on Haitian relief concerns

One of the 4,368 documents released from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's personal email server shows an email from her daughter Chelsea Clinton addressed to "Dad" and "Mom" explaining her concerns about the Haitian relief efforts.

Chelsea went on to say that: "If we do not quickly change the organization, management, accountability and delivery paradigm on the ground, we could quite conceivably confront tens of thousands of children's deaths by diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and other water-related diseases in the near future"

The email is comprised of a seven page letter where she took her time to demonstrate the inability of the United nations to manage the recovery effort. The date this email was written is unknown; however, following the 2010 earthquake, Chelsea Clinton spent four days in Haiti working as a part of the relief effort.

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Jean-Charles Moise Reported Misuse of 50 Million

Jean-Charles Moïse, the presidential candidate of the "Pitit Desalin" platform has been indexed by the Superior Court of Auditors on charges of misuse of 50 million HTG (at present rate around US$1.25 million) of public fund earmarked for the second largest Haitian city Cap-Haitien. In December 2007, he was the recipient of "cost of reception" fees" amounting to 36, 75,000 HTG. Furthermore, this former Mayor of Milot and Senator from the North had collected millions between 2006 and 2011 as an adviser to former President Rene Preval. His candidacy for the Presidential post is presently running at a risk of disqualification. During the last week of June, he had reported pressure from a group of opposition political parties to deviate him from the electoral race. Some civil society and human rights organizations had called the CEP not to surrender under pressure.

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Breaking News - Jacques Ketant in Haiti with over 50 Deported

We just learned from Radio Vision 200 that Mr. Jacques Ketant just arrived in Haiti today, August 18, 2018. According to Mr. Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, Jacques ketant arrived at Toussaint Louverture Airport via an airplane and was among over 50 deported Haitians from the United States.

According to sources close to us, upon his arrival in Haiti, Ketant was taken to Haiti National Police to be fingerprinted and photographed as a normal procedure conducted to all Haitians returned as a result of deportation. He was then released to some family members.

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Haiti Ambassador Daniel Supplice Removed From Post

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Daniel Supplice, who was appointed as the Haitian ambassador to Santo Domingo by replacing Fritz Cineas in last February, has been removed "permanently" from his post by the Haitian government. As per Foreign Ministry information, Supplice was not defending his country appropriately amid the current immigration issues with the Dominican Republic. He recently had made a public statement to the daily 'Le Nouvelliste' blaming own government that they were responsible for the fact that due to lack of documentation, a good number of Haitians living illegally in the D.R could not register under the regularizing plan before the deadline of June 17th. In his remark, he had said that Haiti's Immigrant Documentation Program (PIDIH) to help Haitian compatriots in the Dominican Republic regularize their status, had failed miserably. The former Haiti General Consul Edwin Paraison, who has spoken personally with Supplice has tweeted that as per Supplice's statement he was primarily called for a consultation but it was a government's decision to recall him to Haiti. However, the former consul considers this as a routine change, to some extent, it is a diplomatic crisis between two neighboring states, but never means their diplomatic ties are broken. As per journalist Edit Febles report on Colorvision Channel 9, until some other arrangement is made, a commercial attaché will manage the Haiti embassy in Santo Domingo.

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Kenneth H. Merten returns as Special Coordinator for Haiti

Do you remember former Ambassador of the United States in Haiti between 2009 and 2012? He is back as he has been nominated to replace Thomas Adams as the new Special Coordinator for Haiti at the State Department. On Monday, August 17, the former Ambassador of the United States in Haiti, Kenneth H. Merten, will officially take office in Haiti as Special Coordinator for Haiti at the State Department.

Eske ou sonje ansyen Anbasadè nan peyi Etazini an Ayiti ant 2009 ak 2012?

Kenneth H. Merten tounen pou ranplase Thomas Adams kòm nouvo Koòdonatè Espesyal pou Ayiti nan Depatman Deta a . Nan Lendi, 17 Out, ansyen Anbasadè nan peyi Etazini an Ayiti, Kenneth H. Merten , pral ofisyèlman pran biwo an Ayiti kòm Koòdonatè espesyal pou Ayiti nan Depatman Deta.

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Joseph Lambert accused of pistol-whipping Wesnel Jeudi

Joseph Lambert is an example of how far up in the Haitian government corruption goes, right to the top. Lambert, acting as President Martelly's advisor, has saved him from multiple prosecutions for corruption activities.

Lambert, running for a senate seat, ignores the requirement he must possess a certificate of discharge to be a candidate. Recently he pistol-whipped Wesnel Jeudi, and has been connected to drug-trafficking, abduction, and murder cases. Parliamentarian immunity has saved him from prosecution.

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Singer Beyonce, Aka Beyonce Knowles-Carter Visits Haiti

Recently on May 17, another notable visitor, multiple Grammy award-winner Beyoncé visited Haiti with Valerie Amos, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, on a United Nations humanitarian mission to look at the progress made since the massive earthquake shattered Haiti five years ago. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born (September 04, 1981) and raised in Houston, Texas. She and her group were discovered by Whitney Houston. Beyoncé has performed in various singing and dancing competitions as a child, and rose to the fame, especially with her solo performance in "Dangerously in Love" (2003) which sold over 11 million copies worldwide. As per Forbes report, she was the highest paid woman in music in 2014.

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Minister Fresner Dorcin aggressed by Charles St Remy (Kiko)

The current Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Fresner Dorcin spent some rough time last Saturday. According to Newspaper Le Nouvellist, the incident took place at the home of Claudia St-Remy Champagne (Sister of Sophia St remy Martelly).

According to a source non identified source Minister of Agriculture Fresner Dorcin was insulted both physically and verbally by the famous Charles St-Remy AKA Kiko, a Heavy weight in the administration of Michel Martelly

Kiko St Remy is the Brother of the First Lady, Sophia Martelly and brother in law of current president Michel Martelly. According to the source, the incident was over a certain amount of money that was expected but not delivered. Based on a deal and an understanding between the two individuals, Minister Dorcin gave around $500,000 to Kiko St Remy who obviously was expecting much more. According to the source, Kiko expressed his dissatisfaction by hitting Minister Fresner Dorcin, sayng that he has done too much for Fresner Dorcin to be pay this amount

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