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Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe, the betrayal

I saw this quote one day and I want to share it with you: "Those who don't know the value of loyalty, can never appreciate the cost of betrayal". I think this is probably what former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is feeling at this time. Having been in so many struggle with Michel Martelly, now that he wants his help, he could not get it.

According to president Michel Martelly, betrayal is out of the question when it comes to his relationship with Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. " I don't have any problem with Laurent lamothe" said Martelly in the interview given to Le Nouvelliste. "I could never think that Lamothe woud think that I betrayed him. I think that the people around Lamothe who want power could make him think that I betrayed him.

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Martelly to Lamothe, you could not be my candidate

It is either too hard to believe, coming from a good friend or it seems like a joke, but I don't think that Laurent Lamothe believed his good friend and former business partner Michel Martelly when he told him that he would not support him if he wants to run for president.

President Michel Martelly came out of his silence to make some interesting statements. His most important one had to do with his best friend Laurent lamothe and his wife, Sophia Martelly. In an interview given to newspaper Le Nouvelliste, President Martelly stated that it is not a secret that he doesn't support the candidacy of Laurent lamothe or Sophia martelly.

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Simon Dieuseul Desras and his Revolution in Haiti

Many of us would agree that the previous legislative body in Haiti did not do much in term of passing new laws. Some people may also say that many of them use their position to enrich themselves. However, many people would be shocked to hear me saying that:. The President of the Senate, Simon Dieuseul Desras, however managed to accomplish one single action that may be considered the biggest revolution in Haiti since our struggle for independence.

So what is it?

During a negotiation process between the Government of Michel Martelly and several political parties, Mr. Simon Dieuseul Desras managed to strip away from the executive branch, its biggest hold, control or power which is none other than the power to use public funds as it pleases them land without any accountability or explanation to give to anyone.

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Jacky Lumarque Expelled For Lack Of Discharge Certificate

As per a press release by the Provisional Electoral Council (PEC) on June 19th afternoon, it has been learnt that Jacky Lumarque, the representative of the Verite Party, has been expelled from the run of the Presidential election because he could not produce his discharge certificate as required by an election decree as per its mandate mentioned in Article 90 paragraph. Jacky Lumarque is a candidate of Verite Party, created by the former President Preval. The PEC is a nine member institution. It has been commissioned to organize a free, transparent and credible election in Haiti. The discharge certificate could have certified that Lumarque had handled the government funds appropriately when he ran a state education committee.

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We Are a People of Character, Prime Minister Evans Paul

In a meeting with the civil society organizations at the Royal Oasis Hotel on June 18, 2015, the prime Minister Evans Paul while mentioning the stand and responsibility of the government towards the massive deportation of Dominicans of foreign descent of whom most are Haitians or people of Haitian descents has said, "Even though we have problems, even though we are poor, we are a people of character. We cannot turn away those seeking refuge." He has accepted the fact that the Haitian government had failed to do what it could have to avoid the present pathetic situation faced by thousands of compatriot.

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Emmanuel Menard making pension fund properly paid at ONA

Will ONAPAM Launch this Year? Artibonite Senator Yannick Joseph Hopes So?

Director General of the National Old Age Insurance Office (ONA), Emmanuel Menard, is instituting some new programs for policy owners in May 2015. Menard said ONA is collaborating with the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) to be certain the pension fund pays out what it owes to private sector employees before resuming mortgage loans that have been on hold for 8 months. ONA will also inaugurate a program that allows for voluntary contributions to the pension fund by those self-employed. Menard also announced the completion of four new retirement homes located in urban areas across the country.

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Jimmy Jean-Louis Returns as 'The Haitian" in Heroes Reborn

Actor and Philanthropist, Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, born August 8, 1968 in Petition-Ville, has been enormously successful in his chosen career. His fate was sealed when his family moved to Paris in 1980. Although he began as a business major at university it wasn't long before he discovered his true vocation, performing for others.

He enrolled at the Academie International de Dance and became a professional dancer, performing in French nightclubs. After ten years of dancing locally and enduring a stretch of homelessness, he was finally discovered by producers, who hired him for a Coca-Cola commercial. Thus began his modeling career in which he achieved bookings with such famous designers as Gianfranco Ferré and Valentino.

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Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe on Notre Dame D'Haiti

Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe gives credit to Haitian Diaspora for Reconstruction of Notre Dame d'Haiti Church

Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe during the final months of his time in office in 2014 attended a special event in Little Haiti, the opening of the Notre Dame d'Haiti Church in Miami. The project to build the new church took eight years of strenuous labor and $5 million USD.

Lamothe, at the tail end of a global tour, gave credit to the Haitian Diaspora for their part in the re-building. He also acknowledged the Diaspora's donations to the Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory. In his remarks to the Little Haiti community he said, "We're here today, to show you the respect and solidarity of the Haitian government." Rev. Reginald Jean-Mary was quite moved by Lamothe's remarks and stated the new church reflected the ". . . faith and the unity of our Nation."

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Driver Of Joseph Lambert, Floresthal Romain, Shot Dead In Belle-Anse

On the Sunday afternoon, April 5, 2015, when Floresthal Romain (31), one of the drivers of the former senator, Joseph Lambert, was performing his duty on a Ford pickup at Baie d'Orange, first communal section of Belle-Anse in the community of Fond Jean Noel, was killed by three unknown assailants.

It seems that the driver was taken to the remote place where he was killed either forcefully or by someone he trusted. He had received two bullets-- one on his shoulder and one on the head. The driver Romain had worked with the Senator Lambert for last 15 years and the Senator has described him as a very close confidant aide, like a friend, brother and colleague. Senator Lambert is a Presidential advisor and a candidate in the forthcoming election. The South East department, where the driver was killed is a place known for goons, an area of terror, more during the elections.

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Francois Hollande and his Haiti visit

France declines to pay $20 Billion in Reparations: will invest $145 Million in Infrastructure Projects

French President Hollande came to Haiti on a state visit recently. Although he was welcomed by the government of Haiti and the business sector, protestors complained he had no right to be in the country without committing to paying back reparations, amounting to nearly $20 billion.

The successful slave revolt in the 1800s, led by Haitian slaves working on French sugar plantations, defeated French colonists. And Haiti became the first black-led nation to rule as a sovereign state. France was irate, its defeat causing them to lose land on which the sugar plantations were built as well as slaves, worth millions.

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