Roody Roodboy & Fiancé Rutshelle Guillaume Domestic Violence

The happy relationship between Rutshelle Guilluame and Roody Roodboy was never a secret. They were often ready to discuss how happy they were to have found a love so special. However, in a recent incident in the month of Domestic Violence Awareness (October), Roodyroodboy found that he was being cheated by Guilluame.


The incident that leads to the altercation and domestic violence is as follows: Roody Roodboy was calling Rutshelle for hours but could not reach her. So he decided to drive to his fiancee's home to find whether she is alright. When he walked in her place, found Rutshelle and Trouble Boy (another popular Rapper) in an intimate sexual act. The incident lead Roody Roodboy to an altercation with Rutshelle and that left Rutshelle with several bruises and a black eye.

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Subject: Roody Roodboy & Fiance Rutshelle Guillaume Domestic Violence edit

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