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Possible alliance between PHTK, BOUCLIER, Renmen Ayiti

Information obtained from some reliable sources confirmed that there is currently discussion underway to increase the chances of the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise to win the next Presidential election. We were told that there is a great possibility that the candidates Steeve Khawly of BOUCLIER and Jean Henry Céant from Renmen Ayiti to join PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise.

Nothing has been made public yet. However, the plan is for the candidates of BOUCLIER and Renmen Ayiti to withdraw their candidacy and throw their support behind Jovenel Moise. This is not a done deal yet but it is possible that an announcement will be made soon in this regard.

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King Kino returns from self-imposed exile to support Steeve Khawly

Human Rights Activist and Lead Singer of the Haitian group Phantoms, King Kino is finally in Haiti. After a long self-imposed exile for his opposition to the government of Michel Martelly, he returned to the country to support Steeve Khawly of BOUCLIER for President.

Isn't Steeve Khawly a candidate under political party BOUCLIER?

Isn't BOUCLIER a political party very close to President Michel Martelly?

This decision by King Kino to support Steeve Khawly of BOUCLIER and not Maryse Narcisse also marks a break with Fanmi Mavalas as well. Does this mean he no longer support Fanmi Lavalas?

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