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Carline Viergelin officially installed at the CEP

Carline Viergelin citizen has been designated to replace me Néhémy Joseph who resigned as councilor unwilling, he said in a letter to the CEP, pour illegally.

Watch The VIDEO - Carline Viergelin installed at the CEP

Even after the swearing of Carline Viergelin representing the peasant / voodoo sectors at the CEP, some in the voodoo sector insisted that she does not represent them at the Provisional Electoral Council. Organizations such as "Koze Pèp" and "Tet Kole ti peyizan Ayisyen" said that they have made no choice since the resignation of Nehemy Joseph.

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Voodoo Sector selects Carline Viergelin for the CEP

What is going on with the Voodoo sector in Haiti? It appear that there is major confusion and conflict between them to come up with someone to represent the at the CEP. From what I understand, they have chosen Voodoo practitioner Carline Viergelin to replace Néhémie Joseph at the CEP; however, many members are not supporting her.

According to information we have on hand, the selection of Carline Viergelin has created more problems than it solves. Many blames President Michel Martelly and the president of the CEP, Pierre Louis Opont as being behind this selection.

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