Drug Trafficking business And National Police In Haiti

Drug trafficking is a serious issue in Haiti as the country has been a transit point for drug dealers and smugglers. Drug shipments from South America to the United States, Europe, Canada and Caribbean nations usually pass through Haiti and this is why the police force are always on alert. According to reports, drug shipments are made by both sea and air. Even though local production of marijuana is moderate in the country, drug trafficking remains a serious case.


The national police are exerting efforts to clamp down on drug trafficking. Director General Mario Andresol said that since the devastating earthquake in 2010, crimes in Haiti, including drug shipments, are on the rise. He added that the national police are planning to increase their number from 10,000 to 15,000 in three years.

The police are working with the international community to ensure peace and security in the country. Exchanging information and working with international security units are very essential because Haiti's national police still lack resources. However, in order to go after drug traffickers, the police are beefing up their strategy. As a matter of fact, there is a unit called the Brigade for Struggle against Drug Trafficking to address the situation.

Andresol explained that the brigade works like the United States' SWAT team. It currently has about 150 officers but the brigade is expected to recruit more people in the future. Brigade members will be deployed all around the country in order to block passages and borders where drug shipments usually come through.

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