The Haitian National Police Administrative Functions

The Haitian National Police has had a troubled history. Organized under the Haitian Army during Duvalier's rule, its failure to fulfill proposals made by the 1987 Constitution was barred by political turmoil. It suffered from few policing resources and was burdened with responsibilities for drug and border patrol enforcement. Infiltration of its ranks by disgruntled former military officers prevented it from being effective in human rights enforcement.


Both the U.S. and UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti have poured money and resources into building up the HNP's enforcement and administrative capabilities. HNP, with outside help, has managed to build a foundation of basic administrative services under the Central Directorate of the Administrative Police (DCPA).

The DCPA is organized under Article 28 and is given duties to plan and put into action procedures to protect and maintain peace and impose calm order on the citizenry. The DCPA's mission is to abide by intra-agency rules and requirements, be an authoritative presence to deter crime, sustain order, and re-establish it when necessary.

The DCPA's administrative initiatives are:
• Public safety and safeguarding people, property, and public buildings.
• Police enforcement.
• Operations in rural regions outside major cities and towns.
• Backup resources to handle public outcries and demonstrations.

DCPA offices include:
• Traffic and highway.
• Civil defense and rescue.
• Public security.
• Territorial services.
• Water, air, frontier police.

Police special units include:
• Riot police.
• SWAT team.
• Presidential Palace general security.
• Presidential Guard.
• Fire brigade.
• Emergency police.
• Judicial and diplomatic security.
• Airport and coastguard commissions.

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