Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras gets another chance

Back at the helm of the Haitian Senate is former and now recently reappointed president, Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras. Desras had found himself on the outside of the senate last month when the terms for his and nine fellow senators had expired. Today, as Haiti slowly rebuilds its governmental bodies, the Haitian court has reinstated Senator Desras as the Senate President.


Senator Desras met the news with the statement that he'd won. His insistence was that his term, unlike that of the other dismissed senators and members of the lower house of deputies, was not for four years, but for six. As a lawmaker himself, well versed in the circumstances surrounding his mandate, he was able to have the dismissal of earlier this year overruled by the court, setting out his new mandate as senator until September of 2017. Today, the senatorship in Haiti stands at 11 with the reinstatement of Desras; yet, it will not affect the power of the nation's president to continue ruling by decree. In its capacity, the senate will really only be able to give voice to issues affecting the country, but will not be able to effect change by passing any laws.

The trouble facing the country isn't measured solely in the continued delay for local and legislative elections that has stalled the process of lawmaking in the country, it is made up also of the decline in oil prices and Haiti's rising debt, factors which continue to plunge the country further into an economic crisis as well as the political one that has given rise to unceasing unrest.

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