Twelve Senators protested against CEP and Rene Preval UNITE for manipulating election Results

The 12 senators accused the CEP and UNITE party of systematically violating Haiti electoral law.


According to the senators, president Rene Preval is trying to keep control by returning all the parliaments who supported him, and in the process is destroying the fragile democratic process in Haiti.

I smell a Dead Mouse. Don't you?

The twelve senators include Maxime Roumer of Grand'Anse, Edmonde Beauzile, Centre, Nenel Cassy, Nippes, Jean Willy Jean Baptiste, Artibonite, Youri Latortue, Artibonite, Andris Riche, Grand'Anse, Jean William Jeanty, Nippes, Steeven Benoit, Ouest, Melius Hyppolite, Nord-Ouest, Anick Francois Joseph, Artibonite, Polycarpe Wesner, Nord and Evalliere Beauplan, Nord-Ouest.

Anmwey..... Bare Volè.......

For his part , President-elect Michel Martelly, remarked that the results for the March 20 Election were strangely manipulated. He stated that the results do not reflect the wills of the people and should not be accepted.

Here is the message of president elect Michel Martelly, following the official publication of the official results for the March 20 run-off elections:


Do you smell a Dead Mouse" in this?

Do you think Rene Preval is directly responsible for this?

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Wim Se Kaka says...


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Monpremier says...

kesyion m pou senate yo le yon moun ou bien yon institution viole yon loua kisa ki rezerve pou

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Jean G. says...

If there were serious people in Haiti, Rene Preval and the CEP should have been in Jail by now.

However, this is Haiti.

Real criminals or people who violate the Haitian constitution are rewarded

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Jessica says...

I can't understand why the president is doing this. He spent over ten years in office.

He was also the Prime Minister of Haiti.

What has he accomplished.

Politicians are like diapers.

They both need changing regularly and for the same

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Parisien says...

Sweet Micky.

Mete Gren Nan B....

Do not i repeat do not let Preval and the CEP make the Haitian population swallow this.

Just few months ago, He tried the same S...t with you.

Preval is a

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Jacob P. says...

Rene Preval and the CEP have been caught red handed.

Ti Rene could not deliver the Presidency to his UNITE party, therefore, he has decided to give Senate and the Depute to his party

Hi was caught.

He should not be allowed to go with

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Subject: Twelve Senators protested against CEP and Rene Preval UNITE for manipulating election Results edit

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