Will Gary Conille be rejected because of Residency?

I don't think so. The issue of country residence for our newly nominated Prime Minister, Dr Garry Conille, seems to be the only problem that might stop him from becoming the next president of Haiti.


The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that Dr. Garry Conille has been living outside of the country for over seven years as an employee of the United Nations.

Chavannes Jean-Baptiste denounced the violation of Article 157 of the Constitution including the provisions relating the number of years of residence would be inconsistent with the current situation of the candidate for Prime Minister.

Isn't it time to go away with this policy that can never serve Haiti? What are we protecting to begin with? Do you know that many of our previous Prime Ministers were holding a foreign passport while serving. Are we afraid that some of these elected officials will sell Haiti state secrets?

"Sak Te Gintan Gin La?"

This is a time to evaluate once again the policy on the requirements to serve Haiti in an official capacity. Are we looking for people capable of governing? In that I mean, Haitians who can really attack some of our real problems such a education, health, economy, poverty; or are we looking for someone that can continue to Buls...t us as they have been doing for as long as I can remember?

What is your take on that?

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Nonameisagoodname says...

That's right.

I totall agree.

This Constitution is a joke that has only done harm to Haiti and its citizens.

It is about time that we have a goverment.

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Pierre Antoine says...

so you try to tell me there are no haitien in haiti who can be gorvern this country with out those two face one who try to prove they are haitien, why there are law for to inforce them that s all when you friend job in play there are no law when it someone else there are, please two faceget it right and said to those two faces who want to sale the country to their

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Paul Joseph says...

Dr. Conille should be rejected because he is stooge, a puppet of Bill Clinton.

It is time for the government of Haiti to respect the country's

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Monpremier says...

Do you know there are more issues in this country to think about than that do you know minustha viole a young boy of 18 years tell me if the haitian constitution allow minustha in haiti enough is enough is time to do action we need a

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Subject: Will Gary Conille be rejected because of Residency? edit

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