Re: Haiti Wakes-up On Fire, Following The Haiti Election 2010

Kok Kreyol - December 8 2010, 4:51 PM

Be ashame of yourself for being who you are. Not because of what these people are doing.

I dont think any of them think destruction is a good thing.

But if this is the only way they can be heard who to blame?

Dont waste your time thinking about what those public or private buildings represent for the some people.

According to the suffering people in Haiti those buliding represent absolutely nothing.

They are starving, sick and can't get treatment, they can't get education, they have absolutely no life. This is the result of too many years of lies and hypocrisy from political leaders and governments.

Im sorry for those who have to lost their properties, Im sorry for those who feel ashame to associate themselve to the people of Haiti.

But if it's what it take to be heard and get a life changing I say go head. Let the world go on to any kind of civilization they're having, the people of Haiti want to stop living in such misery and pretending being civilized when the mud is the only matress, the only food, they only road, the only decor they have. Instead of wasting your time looking at what they are doing why dont you say something about the government supported by the international community violating them in such a mess. VIVRE LIBRE OU MOURIR

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