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Re: It Is Official - Michel Martelly The Next President Of Haiti

Mirlande Manigat was not even close.There was no way that they could have mogouille in that election Now Martelly is elected as the new president of Haiti. What is next. Only... more »

Re: My Friend Do Not Be Fooled On April Fool Day

I admit you got me my man. I really thought that this was real. This is a joke, however it would be a good thing for Haiti if these two can meet and show some unity. Haiti neesds... more »

Actor Charlie Sheen is planning charity event in Haiti to raise $7 million

It was reported that Actor Charlie Sheen will be performing in Haiti with Sean Penn. Charlie Sheen is estimating to raise about seven million dollars in this event and all the... more »

Re: Wyclef Jean Was Not Shot, But Cut By Glass

Come on man, this was a fabricated story. In order for me to believe Wyclef, he needs to show exactly what is under those bandages. The guy is faking it more »

Re: Wyclef Jean Was Not Shot, But Cut By Glass

I don't believ this for a moment that Wyclef jean was shot in Haiti as the election was under way. This is something made up to bring attention to him and the Campaign of Martelly more »

Re: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Is Leaving South Africa On Tuesday Afternoon, ...

Min Bwa. Aristide in Haiti tomorrow. What an interesting thing. Does Jean-Claude Duvalier have anything to say about that? more »

Re: The Entire Debate Between Martelly And Manigat - Live In Video

I think that Michel Martelly was too aggressive in the debate. This is definitely his style. Madame manigat is definitely the candidate that should be the winner. There is only... more »

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