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RE: Charlemagne Peralte Inspired a New Revolution in Haiti

Jean Baptiste Conze was the Judas of Charlemagne Peralte's days, it's a reminder to current and future generations. Guy Philippe repeated it by joining foreign powers and... more »

RE: What ever happened to the Peanut Donation to Haiti?

If you are sure about it if then you say thank you but no thank you plain and simple more »

RE: Youri Latortue admitted PHTK rigged elections

Are we surprised this is common practice in Haitian rules and regulations what else is new. more »

RE: Newsletter

nice I like it more »

RE: United States against a Commission of verification

Haitian people also have a mind of their their own way of living their own own culture we don't the usa to tell us how to think it would be like telling us at what time we should... more »

RE: Woy!, Simon Dieuseul Desras deraye sou Stanley Lucas

Stanley Lucas kenbe Simon Desras nan violans pou mete destabilizasyon. Desras gen 8 jou de sa te di ke yo pral tire sou radyo e touye jounalis. 8 jou apre yo tire sou radyo... more »

Haiti needs a hybrid dictator, someone to rule with an iron fist, said Pras Michel

Haiti needs to have a system like china the Haitian I see on the streets in port au prince need to have some one to control them. Haiti can not have democracy if Haitian fools... more »

Haiti and the interference of the International community

The international community always talks about cooperation with Haiti. It is usually in that context that they often impose themselves on us. Thee is this memorable phrase I... more »

RE: Collge Canado-Haitien, Port-au-Prince

je suis a Vancouver,Canada j,entendis parle de l,ecole canado reputation bien je pense que c,est bon pour tous les etudiants qui etudue dans cette etablissement la ba. more »

105 out of 192 Political parties approved by CEP

I hear lots of candidates will be running in the next election in Haiti. Have you ever wondered how will they be able to do that? In the United States where I live, I know for a... more »

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