Carnival Cruise to build a $70 million cruise facility on Ile de La Tortue, Haiti

A bright light in the Haitian sky. Carnival Corporation just signed a memorandum of understanding with the Haitian Government to develop Tortuga Island, also known as Ile de La Tortue. The island is located off the northern coast of Haiti.


You need to know, when a big company such as Carnival Corporation made this kind of commitment to the country of Haiti, it's not something small at all. This actually can mark a turning point for the island.

Carnival operates 10 cruise lines. With this investment to build a $70 million cruise facility on Tortuga island, it plans to remain a leader in providing exciting cruise vacation packages to its clients. Guess what. The new Haitian destination in Tortuga Island is part of the company's strategies to help to do just that.

This investment will be considered the largest by the company in Haiti. This investment is expected to employ more than 900 people directly and indirectly in Haiti. The long-term plan is to transform Tortuga into a popular Caribbean destinations.

Again, this was just one man's opinion. Do you think this investment of Carnival Corporation into Ile de La Tortue will bring economic development to that part of the country?

Do you think the Haitian government could have done better in the deal?

Finally, do you think the new Tortuga tourist destination should be reserved exclusively to foreign tourist just like in Labadee or do you feel all Haitians should have access to these facilities?

Are you interested in tourism in Haiti? Check it out:

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann..

Apre Ile A Vache, konye-a se pou La Torti. Mezanmi, sa se yon gro nouvel. Ile de La Tortue aprale transforme. Gro kompani sa yo bay pou Carnival Cruise decide pou li investi $70 million Amerikin pou li mete yon facilite pou tourist li nan lil la.

Sa prale kreye anpil job pou malere kape chechè la vie

Yon denye pawol ki importan, Eske nou panse ke nuvo place sa ki prale oivri nan Ile la Tortu-a dwe rete pou tourist selman, oubyen eske tout Ayisyen dwe gin dwa pou yo nini et ale ninpot lè?

Dimwin ki sa nou panse!

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Subject: Carnival Cruise to build a $70 million cruise facility on Ile de La Tortue, Haiti edit

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