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Une belle salope more »
Roy A Nb, 09/13/23 10:41 PM
I had the pleasure of meeting Col Cayard when in the middle of the Caribbean Sea I boarded alone the St Jacques Dessalines mine layer ship of the Haitian Coast Guard on my... more »
Ted Pahle, 07/30/23 2:34 AM
I recently used the asorosi soap to remove a very stubborn stain on a valuable garment. It worked great! No other store- bought product or spray was able to do the job! Great... more »
Rachel, 07/23/23 8:43 PM
This unbelievable. I lost a job because I couldn't pay to return back to Fort Lauderdale on time cause tickets were about $2,000 flying back more »
Peterson Theodore, 07/05/23 10:34 AM
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Marie Pascal Seide, 04/30/23 10:49 AM
Bonjour Chère Soeur, J'espère que vous allez bien. je vous contacte suite a une demande d'inscription pour ma Fille Lehyka Francois. Merci de m'envoyer une formulaire... more »
Vanessa Francois, 04/14/23 4:02 AM
Great for eczema and if you drink it while menstruating it will shorten the days of your menstrual cycle, more »
Dria, 04/01/23 5:34 PM
I lived in Verrettes for 23 years, until March of 2018 when I got run over. Beautiful place and terrific people. I married a lady from Vyelo (Ficilta), her mom sells goat meat in... more »
Tom Braak, 01/07/23 9:32 PM
UN text qui rejointnson sens de grandeur de jour en jour... more »
Jean Ronick Louis-jeune, 12/29/22 7:33 AM
thanks. Keep it up more »
Solar Grids Central Pa, 07/26/22 8:09 AM
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Solar Grids Lanier, 07/26/22 8:03 AM
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Solar Grids Kendall, 07/26/22 7:59 AM
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Solar Grids Woodlands, 07/26/22 7:47 AM
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Solar Grids Tampa Bay, 07/26/22 7:41 AM
Excellent article. Thank you for publishing this story. 5 Stars. By Gregg L Friedman MD more »
Gregg L Friedman Md, 05/24/22 10:36 AM
As a black American woman, I'm looking forward to incorporating some of these traditions (seated during ceremony, sprinkling a greater area than the aisle) into my wedding with... more »
Felicia, 02/06/22 3:14 AM
I think this tea is good for curing herpes :) more »
Mike, 01/03/22 9:04 PM
This is sheer nonsense. Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Haiti. more »
Real Haitian, 11/24/21 10:31 PM
I want to purchase 2 - "Dis-moi comment recevoir Tome IV" by Magaly Pelissier. Where can I purchase them? more »
Mj, 10/30/21 10:39 AM

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