Anthony Barbier, New general secretary of the National Palace

Anthony Barbier who has been present and involved in all the activities of President Jocelerme Privert has been named general secretary of the National Palace. He will replace Jean Renel Sanon


On Thursday, February 18, 2016, Anthony Barbier has been installed as the Secretary General of the National Palace, replacing Jean Renel Sanon. He was solemnized by Enex Jean Charles, the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers. Anthony is the husband of well known Haitian journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul, who was very much critical of Martelly administration. M Barber holds a Masters in Sociology of development and a PhD in Education. His predecessor, Jean Renel Salmon was not present during his installation ceremony.

Earlier to this appointment, Anthony Barbier, has held many important government portfolios, such as Chief of Staff of the Minister of Education (1990-1991), Minister of Administration and the Civil Service (1994-1995), Deputy Coordinator of the National Commission for Administrative Reform (CNRA) in the Government of Haiti (1996-2001), Consultant to the Ministry of Culture and Communication (1998-2001), and Member of Cabinet of the Minister of Public Health (2007-2008).

Haitian Kreyol

Anthony Barbier ranplase Jean Renel Sanon kòm nouvo sekretè jeneral nan Palè nasyonal

Anthony Barbier ki te toujou la ap patisipe nan tout aktivite yo ak Prezidan Jocelerme Privert vini sekretè jeneral nan Palè Nasyonal la. Li pral ranplase Jean Renel Sanon.

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