Jean Alcindor, member of Skah Shah

He is a Haitian born star that has been able to achieve much more than other musicians have in the past couple of years. Jean Alcindor was born and raised in Haiti where he established his career in the music industry and where he also got noticed by his fans and had a great time raising as a star. He is an old member of Skah Shah and was a great hit back then.


Jean Alcindor has ever since his childhood been attracted and interested in the music industry and has worked hard to ensure that he is able to raise to where he currently is by simply working to ensure that everything he does is a great hit in the industry. As such he has reached a height not reached by others and has been able to easily make it for the good of the country.

Alcindor is however a great national treasure that has been able to make out of being a good musician that has greatly fulfilled the hearts of his fans with the great compositions that he has given them. He also has in the last couple of years been involved with various charity events to help the poor and needy people in the country and as such he is a great person.

There is however very little recorded about Jean Alcindor in the websites and as such there is very little about his biography that is known. It is however a good idea to edit this article if you have any contributions to make where you can leave some information about him where if after being evaluated it is found to be accurate it will remain as the real information about him.

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Syfrid Roche says...

Unfortunately, Jean Alcindor passed away in New York years

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Dario De Dios says...

I am a great fan of Jean Alcindor and his music! I don't know much about him, but it amazes me the way he plays piano.

I wonder if he is still alive?

May you please confirm?

Hopefully he is still alive and well. God

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