Autopsy Revealed Judge Jean Serge Joseph Death Could Be Accident In Unclear Circumstances


Information on Jean Serge Joseph Death indicating unclear circumstances

According to "La Press" a major Canadian newspaper, the Coroner's Office confirmed yesterday to The Press that an autopsy was performed Thursday July 25, 2013 in Montreal on the body of the Haitian magistrate Jean Serge Joseph. "Information indicating that it could be an accident death in unclear circumstances". This has convinced the coroner to search the file further.

More about Judge Jean Serge Joseph

Here is the actual quote from La Press: "Le Bureau du coroner a confirmé hier à La Presse qu'une autopsie avait été pratiquée jeudi à Montréal sur le corps du magistrat. Des «informations indiquant qu'il pourrait s'agir d'un décès survenu dans des circonstances obscures» ont convaincu le coroner de fouiller le dossier."

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Noni Lester says...

If the information prove to be right that the government of Michel Martelly is involved in the crime of Judge Jean Serge Joseph, the nation needs once and for all make an example of this team.

Nou Mele

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Serge Paul says...

Senator Moise was right from the beginning.

This is the result of "Something" that Senator Moise was referring to after the death of Judge Jean Serge Joseph.

More information will come down implicating both President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in the case.

I want to call Himmler Rebu a "Divinor"

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