Co-ownership. Is this something really possible in Haiti?

For the past several weeks, the only thing I have been hearing in Haiti is Co-ownership. President Michel Martelly just signed a new decree that was supposed to revolutionize Haiti in term of housing. It's a decree for the application of the law of Co-ownership.


I do not want to be the devil advocate but someone has to raise this issue.

Is this Co-ownership really possible in Haiti? A country where no one trusts no one. A country where people tend to take the law into their own hands in search of justice.

Do you know what this means exactly, co-ownership? Some people will be put in a position to share things like maintenance of the building. Likely through an association, they will have to contribute toward maintenance. Are we talking about Haiti. Are we talking about the same country I know, the Haiti I know?

Are you telling me that from now on, we will be able to live together happily ever after, no more Koupe Tet, No More "Kout Poud", No more "Magoul".

"Chalmas, Ala Kote Gin Zafe"

Let say for instance, I buy an apartment in a building in Haiti, will I become responsible to pay Monthly fee for maintenance? What happens to my apartment if I don't have the monthly fee to pay? If I have problem with my co-owners do I get an attorney to resolve that or do I pay a "Demacher" to solve the problem? Are we talking about the typical Haitian attorney? How much will he charge? Who will be managing the maintenance fee for repairs? will repairs be done properly and on time? What happen if the association decides to take the collected fund and misuse it?

Those were some of the questions that immediately crossed my mind regarding Co-ownership. I have few more. However I would want for the readers to tell me whether or not I am being paranoid about the new concept of Co-ownership in Haiti.

He! I may be crazy and not knowing.

Do you think there is nothing to worry about with the Co-ownership and that everything is going to be "just Fine"?

Do you think the "Haitian Joudalist" is just a lunatic?

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Demosthenes says...

The journalist raised some very important questions.

I'm sure the President has taken or will take those possible scenerios mentioned by the journalist into consideration.

We finally have someone in power who seems to care about the mistreated people of Haiti; do we judge him based on what other "leaders" have done?

It would be unfair if we did so. Haitians have a very bad reputation due to one sided media/information.

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Jocelyne says...

The Haitian Joudalist raised some very good questions about the Co-ownership decree that was just signed by the President.

Don't forget Haiti has a history of not following its laws. We have all those beautiful laws in our books already, we just don't follow them

En Ayiti, Lwa se na tet Sa

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Renald C. says...

Co-ownership is possible in Haiti and i think that you "Joudalist is the one who is paranoid.

This new thing about Co-ownership is long overdue in Haiti.

This will allow Haitians who are currently living outside of the country to be able to own a Home back home.

You no longer need to own a property to have something back home and you do not need to stay in Hotels every time you go to

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Subject: Co-ownership. Is this something really possible in Haiti? edit

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