Why It Costs More To Travel To Haiti Than Other Places

The prices of airline tickets vary depending on different factors. However, it can be noticed that airlines tickets to Haiti are quite more expensive than in other places. Many people wonder why going to Haiti costs them more than flying to other countries.


There are people who say that the reason behind higher airline ticket prices to Haiti is the fact that not every airline has direct flights to the Caribbean nation. Flights to Haiti are fewer than to other countries, making the cost of tickets higher. Other factors such as airport and international taxes also affect the ticket price, which tend to become more expensive.

In order to understand the rate of air flights to Haiti or any other countries, one must be aware of how airlines set their pricing system. Remember that the cost of airline tickets usually increase when gas prices rise. Moreover, airlines often apply additional charges for baggage and other services. Seating arrangement, the type of flight, and the travel date, among others, are other factors that can lower and up the price of air tickets. You can likely find a cheaper flight during the middle of the week, while weekend trips are usually pricier.

When booking a flight, it is best to look for travel deals first. This way, you can save up and go to Haiti without having to empty your pockets. There are airlines and travel agencies that offer discount promos and vouchers. All you have to do is keep your eyes open for such offers in order to avail them.

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Peterson Theodore says...

This unbelievable.

I lost a job because I couldn't pay to return back to Fort Lauderdale on time cause tickets were about $2,000 flying

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John says...

boycott for 1 month.

The Brazilians did and it

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John says...

boycott them for 1 month and you will see the result, stop kissing

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Wilner Belizaire says...

I do not understand that all other countries name Haiti" the poorest country in the world" Those same people make the Haitian people pay more taxes than any other countries.

We, Haitian.

Would like to know

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Frustrated says...

This seems unfair to me. I recently searched for flights to haiti in december and the cheapest was about $1000 roudntrip from the mid-atlantic area and it was couple with 25 hours of traveling.

I'm not sure who's on those flights but i wouldnt be surprised if AA was flying with empty seats.

It's frustrating for certain folks to accept the fact that you'll be alone for the holidays because of flights.

Not a lack of it but the outrageous prices.

It's highway

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Lobey says...

Flights to Haiti now cost on an average $350 more than flight to Dominican Republic.

Where is the outrage from the Haitian government?

Where is the outrage from Haitians that flight Spirit, Air France, Delta and American Airlines?

Once more, our silence allows them to violate

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The Helper says...

I know that I sat next to an American Airline Executive in first class.

He told me the flights from Miami to
Haiti were American Airlines number one money maker.

Just telling you what I

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