Will Haiti be better off with Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

This is the day we all have been waiting for. This is election day in the United states and according to every single election poll results, the race is extremely close. We have a 50 percent chance that the next president of the United States could be either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.


So the question is what is the implication for Haitians and Haiti if the next president of the US is Mitt Romney Vs Barack Obama?

Haitians all over the US overwhelmingly voted for the Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Will we be better off if Obama wins?

What would a government of Mitt Romney bring to the Haitian community as well as Haiti?

Would Romney create more jobs for the Haitians living in the US? Which one would deliver a better deal in term of new immigration policy?

In regard to our mother land of Haiti, which one would invest more into a more stable Haiti? What would be the implication on Haiti?

Again, will Barack Obama win or not?

Is this a Mitt Romney victory all the way?

Are we looking at a one term First black president in the history of the United States?

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Leon Toussaint says...

It is a matter of International government policy.

There is nothing to see with election, America goes by constitutional objection with all depending on project under sensitive outgoing political

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Marie says...

My Obama all the way.

I love

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Murlie says...

I think that Haiti will go forward with Obama than Romney.

There's no way Romney will care for haiti's

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Pete Morisseau says...

Yes obama is better 3 times for Haitian +Haiti I hope Obama win

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Bladymir Jean Charles says...

on ne gagne rien avec l un ou l

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Jerard says...

Haiti would be much better off with Barack Obama than Mitt Romney.

Barack Obama cares more for people who are impoverished and working towards a better life and giving the resources that are needed in order to achieve this. Romney could care less about Haiti.

One republican said we have already donated to Haiti, it's called the US Income

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Rose Delaunay says...

We need Obama no matter what we not going no where with mitt

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Lucien says...

That response is without any merits.

There is no concrete evidence that Haiti will be neglected on a Mitt presidency.

Obama didn't do that much for the poor and small business he gave money to the rich

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Jonace says...

Haiti will be much better off with Obama than Mitt Romney.

Mitt is a Republican and the only thing he believes in is cutting everything and make the rich richer.

If Romney is elected President.

We are going to be in big trouble for the next 4

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