Haiti, the Invasion and Occupation of The Dominican Republic

Brutal Military Rule Occupation.


From February 9, 1822 it has been the Dominican Republic, till the present times. During the period of occupation the military rule had been very brutal, as the Dominicans recall. However the reality proves to be more complex.

Large scale exploitation of land took place during Haiti occupation of the Dominican Republic and production of crops for export failed. There was failure in restricting Spanish language usage, elimination of customs that were followed traditionally.

End Of Slavery

Perceptions of the Dominicans about themselves got reinforced. They considered themselves different as compared from the people of Haiti in terms of domestic customs, religion, race and language. During the period of occupation, slavery ended there and it became the Dominican Republic.

At the time of colonization in the European region, the Hispaniola Island got divided into Spain governed, Santo Domingo and France governed Saint-Domingue, thus occupying 2/3rds of eastern Hispaniola. Since 1781, slave uprisings took place and in 1804, the French colony declared its independence with the name Haiti.

The New Nation

For France, Haiti was a very profitable colony due to the existence of sugar plantations on which the slaves worked. In Europe, sugar had become a dear commodity. Stagnancy prevailed in the economy, and the land was not exploited. Descendants from Spain, black slaves, freedmen and mulattoes occupied the eastern side.

Sustenance farming was done on the land. As compared to Haiti, the population was much smaller. The Santo Domingo Spanish colony got toppled on November 9, 1821 by former administrator of the colony Núñez de Cáceres. On November 30, 1821, independence was proclaimed by the rebels and the new nation came to be known as Republic of Spanish Haiti.

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i want to read the full event of the Invension and Occupation by Haiti to The Dominican

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