Will a Commission of verification be created and if so by whom?

I see that the Government of Jocelerme Privert and Enex Jean-Charles is on its way to have the same faith as its predecessors, a government disliked by many where many in the population asking them to leave "Dechoukaj". Do you remember the slogan: " Vle Pa Vle Fok Lale "?, don't worry it will be back soon.


The creation of Commission of Electoral Evaluation

let's take a look ahead to see what is coming in front of the speeding train of the Privert-Jena-Charles team. Several political parties have been demanding that a Commission of Verification be established to evaluate possible fraud during the elections in 2015. However, many are opposed to the Verification Commission, it might be for good reasons. Some of those elected during these questionable elections are already in function and probably started cashing in by selling their votes.

The new government of Jocelerme Privert and Enex Jean-Charles has not taken a position in this matter yet as they realize how fragile this issue is. They have been testing the water nonetheless. Our government have been involved in a game of throwing ideas out in the media and waiting for public reaction. One of such ideas is whether or not to create the Commission. Another one is a possibility to transfer the responsibility of deciding on the Commission of verification solely on the newly created CEP.

It seems like no one wants to take the responsibility of establishing a Commission of verification to evaluate the electoral process. The problem is that sooner or later the executive government will have to make a decision and no matter which decision they end up making, it will create opposition.

We can all conclude that our government has both of his feet in one shoe. One thing I would suggest that the government does is to evaluate the strength and weakness of the various opposing forces and make the decision that will generate less problem.

If they decide to go with a Commission of Verification, 1: PHTK and allies who have many members in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies will attempt everything in the book to destabilize them and they can. 2: The International Community which is very powerful in Haiti, both economically and politically can make things miserable for a government who is already complaining about lack of resource in the Treasury.

If they decide not to go with a Commission of Verification. 1: How do they expect to continue with an election process that was stopped exactly for that reason. Unless they have a better method to stop street protest that will likely start immediately after such a decision is made. 2: How wil they deal with certain groups that are very strong such as Fanmi Lavalas and master player Jean Bertrand Aristide. Will Jude Celestin suddenly reverse course and agree to participate in an election without a decision from a commission of verification? last but not least, how will they manage to prevent Moise Jean Charles from creating the same problem for Jocelerme Privert that he did to Michel Martelly for the past 5 years?

can someone let me know?

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Subject: Will a Commission of verification be created and if so by whom? edit

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