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Luis Garcia says...

My regards from Venezuela.

We are interested in spectacular photos of the Gonave Island to try to propose some tourist developments and possible exploitation of minerals or oil. If you can provide a minimum of photos or places where we could start scientific

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Gilbert Rowe says...

Dear Mr. Mapou,

I was delighted to learn of your 'libreri' in Miami.

Many of us all across the USA of course are concerned about Haiti now since the hurricane and the threat of cholera.

My interest in writing to you is of an historical nature.

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Yonel Placide says...

I am very happy of this great arrangement of receiving news from my beloved country and about my fellow county men in this way. Thank you very much I appreciate

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Chery Amson says...

Christ a tout accompli sur la croix pour vous CHERS.

Il est vainqueur pour que vous soyez plus que vainqueur.

Comment rester dans cette victoire?

En restant dans son amour.

Soyez assuré(e) qu'il vous aime et qu'il fera toujours concourir toutes choses en votre faveur.

Vous êtes plus que vainqueur !
Merci Jesus pour ta victoire et pour "notre plus que victoire" !


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Paul says...

Thanks for sending me more information I hope there's more to

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Presner Louis says...

j' ai bien recu le message.

c'est confirme.


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Onel Ocean says...

I love to enjoy the news anywhere please let me go in thank

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Nicole Hyacinthe says...

I would like to receive the news

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Menace says...

Gladly connect with your staff Brother/Sister, we need to remain intouch, togethe we, ll find our way out, keep

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Max Julien says...

Yes indeed; les Freres Dejean was the bomb. I remember the band came to perform Au Cap-Haitien.

At that time i was in my teens; the band played a martinee au Septen theatre for the youth fans. I can only say that many were crying when the band was to finish playing that seance.

It seems that that generation knew at that time what we had just experienced was not common & was never to experience again.

I revived such feelings again in 1989 in Miami, Skah-Shah was playing with Arsene on the drums, then begining the second portion, Ramponeau with the blessing of Cubano stepped in to play the drums.

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